No. 1: Mozart on the road

RCO Editions No. 1

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) spent a third of his short life on the road. Travelling was expensive and dangerous, but it gave Mozart ample time to compose new work, trying to cater to the tastes of different audiences in different cities. This Edition features two great symphonies, written ‘on the road’, for premieres in Paris and Prague.

Recordings in this edition:

Stories in this edition:

  • On the road
  • Between Paris and Prague: Mozart the traveler
  • Highlights from Don Giovanni and Le Nozze Di Figaro
  • Lyrics Le Nozze die Figaro & Don Giovanni
  • Meeting Don Giovanni: Casanova, Mozart and Da Ponte
  • Never on the road: Joseph Haydn
  • The ‘Haffner’ symphony
  • ‘Mon très cher père!’
  • ‘All those pretty creatures’
  • The business of travelling
  • Listen & discover

Documentaries in this edition:

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